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This is a profile generator for Geocaching banners. It constrains the banner images to a fixed or maximum format, so the profile page looks a tad more organised. The data you'll provide will be only stored on your system in a browser-cookie.

If the cookies are deleted, so is the stored data, so it's a good idea to store the input-list in a text-file on your local system too, adding a line per found banner cache.

This script comes with no guarantees. I cannot be held responsible for any harm done to you or your banners.
Max Westen (GC-Profile)
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Klooster Toren Allemaal Beestjes Mario Party (Super Star) De piramide van de Farao IJzeren Maagd Zweefvliegclub Eindhovense Studenten Serie Nationaal UFO onderzoek Het mysterie van de ontvoerde prijskoe Zonde na zonde De bende van Oss Clive Barker Jukebox (bonus) Heb jij een neus voor geocaching Gevoel en verstand Stratego Dierentuin Goirle Landerij van Tosse Winkelcentrum Ussen BBM Nano serie
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