UPDATE: This add-on is for Statamic V1 -- Deprecated!

This is an addon for Statamic V1. The development and support has stopped.


This add-on adds a definable number of random displayed badge images from flickr on your page.
It's very suitable to display in the sidebar for example.
When used with the FancyBox add-on it displays the big images in a lightbox.


Clone or Copy the files to their destination

Clone this project on your system:

cd webfolder/_add-ons
git clone git://github.com/mwesten/Plugin-Flickr.git flickr

Or download the project and add the contents of archive to the _add-ons/flickr folder.

Add the config values

Add the following info to the _config/globals.yaml

# Flickr Random Images
# Get your API key here: http://www.flickr.com/services/apps
flickr_api_key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
flickr_api_user: yyyyyyyyyy
flickr_api_user_name: mwesten
flickr_api_count: 9

Then fill the flickr_api_user by looking up your flickr_api_user_name on this page.

Now create an API key on http://www.flickr.com/services/apps and paste the generated private key as the flickr_api_key.

Add the flickr block to your template

Open the theme file (for example) _themes/london-wild/partials/sidebar.html Add the following code in the location you want the random flickr images displayed:{{noparse}}

{{ flickr:sidebar key="{{flickr_api_key}}" user="{{flickr_api_user}}" name="{{flickr_api_user_name}}" count="{{flickr_api_count}}" }}