UPDATE: This add-on is for Statamic V1 -- Deprecated!

This is an addon for Statamic V1. The development and support has stopped.


This add-on generates a sitemap of all folders, pages and entries on the site and automatically sets the change frequency and priority of the entries.


Copy or clone the files to their destination

Download the project and add the contents of archive to the _add-ons/sitemap folder.

Or clone this project on your system:

cd webfolder/_add-ons
git clone git://github.com/mwesten/Plugin-Sitemap.git sitemap

Copy the layout and template files

Copy the files from the _add-ons/sitemap/layouts folder to your _themes/themename/layouts folder.

Copy the files from the _add-ons/sitemap/templates folder to your _themes/themename/templates folder.

Copy the sitemap-page

Copy the file sitemap.md from the _add-ons/sitemap/content folder to your _content folder.

The sitemap will then be available by calling http://example.com/sitemap.

You can also rename the file. If you rename the file to sitemap.xml.md ti will be available as http://example.com/sitemap.xml.


By default all non-hidden folders/pages/entries will be scanned and included in the sitemap. It adds the URL of the folder/page/entry, adds the last modification time(lastmod) and based on how long the last change is made, sets the change frequency(changefreq) accordingly and adds the weight of the page(priority). The priority can be set between 0 and 1 and is by default 0.5. If you want to change the priority for a page, you can add the variable priority: 0.6 to the YAML prematter of the markdown file.