UPDATE: This add-on is for Statamic V1 -- Deprecated!

This is an addon for Statamic V1. The development and support has stopped.


This add-on loads the latest tweets (and or retweets and or replies) of the specified user and displays them in an unordered list, so it can be easily be added to the sidebar. Links, hashtags and users are turned into links, so it's easy to get more information on that tweet.


Clone or Copy the files to their destination

Clone this project on your system:

cd webfolder/_add-ons
git clone git://github.com/mwesten/Plugin-Tweets.git tweets

Or download the project and add the contents of archive to the _add-ons/tweets folder.

Configure twitter

Make sure you set the twitter_name: to your twitter name in the _config/globals.yaml

Add the tweets to your sidebar

Open the file _themes/london-wild/partials/sidebar.html Add the following block:{{noparse}}

<div class="block">
  {{ tweets:tweets name="{{twitter_name}}" count="4"}}

This displays the 4 latest tweets for the configured twitter name.


Calling the plugin from the theme is done with {{noparse}}{{ tweets:tweets }}{{/noparse}}.

It has the following parameters:

Parameter Default Function
name empty This is someone's twitter name; everything that's after the @ sign.
count 10 The number of tweets that you'd like to display.
show_replies no If replies to other users need to be included in this list.
show_retweets yes If retweets done by this user need to be included in this list.


Show the 4 latest tweets by @statamic with replies and retweets: {{noparse}}{{ tweets:tweets name="statamic" count="4" show_replies="yes"}}{{/noparse}}

Show the 10 latest tweets by @statamic without replies and retweets: {{noparse}}{{ tweets:tweets name="statamic" show_retweets="no"}}{{/noparse}}


If you want to override the default styling, copy the _add-ons/tweets/css/pi.tweets.css file to your themes css folder; ie: _themes/london-wild/css/pi.tweets.css. Then change the css file in your theme folder; this takes precedence.