Will there be a new site design for the upcoming CakePHP 1.2 release ?

If you are getting the following errors while trying to bake something on osx 10.4:

When developing on my system I like to use only one version of the core files. If I update the core files from svn it gets updated for all apps I'm working on.

The way I'm using this is explained below:

If you use a setup like I explained in my previous post calling the bake script involves a lot of typing with the core and app parameter paths.

If I want to call the bake script from the /Users/mwesten/Sites/dev/myapp cake app folder, it has to be done like this:

As cakebaker states:

The use of "Model/field" in the formhelper has been deprecated in CakePHP 1.2. In CakePHP 1.1 you would call: