I will be attending THE Adobe event; Adobe MAX, that's held on 17, 18 and 19 November in the Moscone center and the Marriot Yerba, San Francisco.

Adobe invited Ivo, but since he was already occupied and I was already developing in Flex and AIR, Ivo asked if I liked to go.... YEAH of course ! ;).

There's a real cool session/lab selector, that you can use to schedule your days and afterwards export the schedule to a VCF file for importing in your calendar, or exporting to PDF for printing. Since they didn't include an export to blogging software, I'll have to enter that by hand.

My main focus will be Flex and AIR in relation to back-end development with PHP. I also want to have a look at the "Thermo" product, that will get a new name during MAX, because it's one of the core concepts in bringing the developer and the designer together.

The schedule I most certainly will follow: Monday: 17 nov 2008 09:30-11:00 - Max 2008 Opening General Session 11:30-12:30 - Looking ahead to the next version of Flex 12:30-15:30 - Adobe meetup 15:30-16:30 - Introduction to Thermo and the next generation of Flex 17:00-18:00 - Hybrid Applications: Where javascript and Flash play together

Tuesday: 18 nov 2008 09:00-10:00 - Developer best practices with Flex 10:30-12:00 - General Session 13:30-17:00 - Adobe AIR Bootcamp 18:00-19:30 - Sneak Peeks

Wednesday: 19 nov 2008 09:30-10:30 - Working with data in Flex 11:00-12:30 - Using Flex and Adobe AIR to automate CS4 Workflows 14:00-15:00 - Flex in the city: A single developer diary 15:30-16:30 - Building web-to-print Applications using Flex, AIR and Indesign Server 17:00-18:00 - Looking ahead to the next version of Flex Builder

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